Bielomatik Collator

specially set up to your demands

Bielomatik Jumbo Collator P668

We would be pleased to configurate your personal Collator up to your demands:

Tell us your inquiry, we set up your specific Collator out of our large range of Bielomatik units. Just ask for an individual offer!

Following a list of components and possibilities:

  • paper unwinds (with diameter 127cm or 70cm)
  • carbon unwinds (with 70cm or 45cm diameter)
  • data mail units (many formats available)
  • cross gluing unit (many formats available)
  • length gluing unit, programmable
  • file hole punch unit (many formats available)
  • multiflex unit
  • crimping (many formats available)
  • numbering unit (many formats available)
  • magnetic cylinder
  • Trim slitter
  • Center Cut (format depending)
  • high frequency drying
  • cross perforation (many formats available)
  • folder
  • web marking device
  • sheeter
       (RWZ batcher/stacker with backward numbering),
       (VWZ batcher/stacker wit forward numbering),
       (single Snap out device)
  • turn over station
  • and other special units