Bielomatik Standard Collator P668 | Year 1986

Ref. no. CR150


We offer the Roll Collator BIELOMATIK STANDARD COLLATOR P668, Ref. no. CR150, year 1986, for sale.
The Roll Collator P668 - a multi path finishing machine for the production of the perfect brochures and mailings.

The Collator is actually already situated in our workshop in Vienna:



  • 12 Paper stations 70 cm
  • 6 Carbon stations 45 cm
  • crimp lock both sides, spacing 2"
  • programmable cold gluing unit, brand HHS with 12 nozzles
  • 1 cross perforation cylinder, circumference 24"
  • spiral folder with counter, web marking device and delivery table


Please take a look at the youtube video of this machine under:


In addition optional units available for this machine:

1 additional paper unwind 50” (127cm), installed inline for main product
   with or without labelling unit
2 additional paper unwinds 27" (70cm)
1 Atlantic Zeiser crash numbering unit, incl. 1 ring and 1 cam 24"
1 multiflex unit for both sides, with total 2 stitching heads
   incl. frame extension
1 trim slitter D60 for both sides 
1 Strayfield High frequency dryer, max. power 12 KW
1 turn over station (plug folder) for length folded catalogues & brochures
1 cut out cylinder for DIN A4 sheets (from 24")
1 shingle style snap out delivery, used, with jogging table
1 Bielomatik VWZ batcher/stacker, original Bielomatik, with forward numbering
1 Bielomatik RWZ batcher/stacker, original Bielomatik, with backward numbering
Other format sizes like 16", 16 2/3", 17", 18" 20", 21", 22", 23 1/3", 25", other optional modules and equipment upon request.
We can configurate, modify and refurbish this collator up to your demands!

Technical details:

  • Ref. No.
  • CR150
  • Age
  • 1986
  • Paper stations
  • 12x diameter 70 cm
  • Carbon stations
  • 6x diameter 45 cm